Crime & Punishment Mon, 5 Aug 2019

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12 Nigerians arrested after holding woman hostage

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Comment: Corruption

2019-08-05 12:57:23
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12 Nigerians arrested after holding woman hostage

Our politicians police and immigration in our Motherland Ghana have just put our country to Auction any one from anywhere could come in and kill,kidnap, rap,rub,insult, dominate, enslave with impunity as long as you're able to bid higher our beloved country has been turned to gangsters paradise how I wish JJ will come back to put things in order we are tired of criminal democracy been imposed on us they are turning our country into state of anarchy.

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PRINCE KWASI ADADE (OFIE P33) on Aug 5, 10:04
Kobi on Aug 5, 12:57