12 Nigerians arrested after holding woman hostage

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2019-08-05 13:12:30
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Things fall apart!

Why repatriate them? Jail them for kidnapping and not possessing required documents. They should update the law that every person visiting Ghana should have at least a passport or national ID. If they just repatriate them they will just sneak back into the country. If they know they will serve time for crimes they won't come and commit crimes. If all a foreigner gets for committing a crime in Ghana is repatriation, they will keep coming to commit crimes. I'm sure the Chinese rosewood lady is already back in the country.stealing more rosewood for export

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Atta on Aug 5, 13:12
Re: Things fall apart!
PRINCE KWASI ADADE (OFIE P33) on Aug 5, 10:04