12 Nigerians arrested after holding woman hostage

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Comment: John stupid animal talking about fake ne

2019-08-05 22:33:14
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Fake news fake journalists

Nigerians are evils whatever the case they can never live with Ghanaians. Ghanaians are soon to take to the street to demonstrate against any nigerian not doing an acceptable job with proper documents in Ghana. Akuffo should have been smarter to know that the nigerian evil are not destined to live in Ghana with Ghanaians. please do not wait for these evils to bring civil war before you start their mass deportations. Nana has terribly failed Ghanaians when it comes to our national security.

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Pete on Aug 5, 22:33
John stupid animal talking about fake ne
PRINCE KWASI ADADE (OFIE P33) on Aug 5, 10:04