12 Nigerians arrested after holding woman hostage

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Comment: Re: Stop Hate Ghana

Al bee
2019-08-05 23:29:27
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Stop Hate Ghana

You are shamefully daft and utterly stupid...you can't even construct a simple meaningful sentence...we know all the nigerians who are hiding behind Ghanaian names to foolishly criticise this country....can you name a single Ghanaian who was part of the Takoradi abduction case?if you are truely a Ghanaian, you would love to protect your own from any form of aggression...Dont you know the attitude of these miscreants is destroying the image of Ghana.Soon potential investors will lose interest in investing in this country because of these nigerians and their crom infested minds....say no to any form of crime

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PRINCE KWASI ADADE (OFIE P33) on Aug 5, 10:04
Al bee on Aug 5, 23:29
Re: Stop Hate Ghana