Locked up goods at Nigeria border do not belong to Ghanaians – GUTA sets record straight

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Comment: Ghana has a big big problem at hand.

Albert O. A Tsolu Prof.
2020-03-16 17:58:54
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Locked up goods at Nigeria border do not belong to

Nigerians are not like Ghanaians who never produce anything but important 100% of the goods the consum..

Nigerian produce 90% what the consume in Nigeria. so if Nigeria close there boarder it will not in any way affect them but it will affect Ghanaians 100% who import 100% everything the consume.

Again the truth is coming out from Ghanaians own mouth.. When Nigerian boarder was closed we attacked them claiming that our Ghanaian traders goods were locked up at the Nigerian border but today We are saying that dose goods was not for Ghanaian traders but for Nigerian traders.

Ghanaians dose not have money to do business as nd Ghanaians are not busines minded people..

I wonder were Ghanaian traders got money to export goods across boarder to Nigeria?

We insulted the Nigerians made a lot of noise about it even our Ministers went to Nigeria to talk noisesence but I thank God Nigerian government never listen to them..

Nigerians have moved on with the boarder closure while Ghanaians are still suffering from it..

It it a big problem we dont produce anything in Ghana as a nation..

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Albert O. A Tsolu Prof. on Mar 16, 2020 17:58
Ghana has a big big problem at hand.