Locked up goods at Nigeria border do not belong to Ghanaians – GUTA sets record straight

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2020-03-17 00:30:16
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Locked up goods at Nigeria border do not belong to

Dr Joseph Obeng and his GUTA traders are no doubt agents and allie of the ever lying Nana Akuffo Addo government therefore he fits into the straight jackets of the Ghanaian government's habitual lying agenda sets out to always decieve people. Dr Joseph Obeng should please provide more evidence and particualars to prove the locked up goods belongs to Nigerian traders and not Ghanaians. It is never a hidden facts that Nigeria does not allow into Nigeria re-exportation of Chinese manufactured good from anf West African country and tge least from Ghana and that being the case, Dr Joseph Obeng should prove the evidently which Ghanaian manufactured goods Nigerians come to Ghana to purchase for export into Nigeria. Nigeria has the largest industrial establishment in the entire West Africa that more that serve the entire sub region including Ghana, Nigerian manufactured goods serve the tge entire West Africa up to the Congos through Equitorial Guienea and Camerron, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cote D'Ivore, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, Niger, Chad and in particular GHANA that makes so much noise about Nigerian border closure. How factual will Nigeria with a population of more 200 million people and resouces and economy that is more than 70% of the entire West African sub region and in itself is the largest market in tge region; turn to Ghana for her needs. Dr Obenf should come clear which goods Nigerians come to purchase and from which factories are those goods produced in Ghana which are economically cheaper than can be obtained in Nigeria. Ghana has signed into the African free trade zone and even is headquatered in Ghana, the Ghanaian government is in a dialema of how Ghana by extention the political traders codenamed GUTA will compete fairly and not shortchanged because the entire Ghanaian business enviroment is parasitical trading business that lack the financial muscle to compete effectively when the treaty is finally ratified by the Ghanaian government. The government is worried because of the weak manufaturing base in Ghana that cannot competetively match the cheaper goods manufactured from Nigeria. Dr Joseph Obeng should be sincere with himself and stop decieving himself and his GUTA politicians that the goods belong to Nigerians and not Ghanaian traders, that being the case why was his GUTA organisation making all appeals to Ecowas secretariat to compel Nigeria to open the borders and even your President made it a point to appeal personally to the Nigerian President to consider openining the borders which also failed to change the position of Nigerian government on the policy of border closure. Dr Oben should be honest with himself and depart from the usual lying habit of Ghanaian government that are largely meant to decieve the people for political gains. Nigeria is greater than those petty lies from Dr Obeng and his GUTA political traders.

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