Locked up goods at Nigeria border do not belong to Ghanaians – GUTA sets record straight

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2020-03-17 09:42:38
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Locked up goods at Nigeria border do not belong to

Ananse the turtle story, Kikikikikiki I laugh in Idoma my native language. This Dr. Joseph of a person is very stupid. How can one man be deceiving and misleading a whole nation, please Lord who bewitch Ghanaians and reduced them to mere gullibility. This illiterate Dr. Joseph is contradicting himself and yet sensible Ghanaians can ask him to shut up because they themselves are fools. If the goods were to be owned by Nigerians as speculated by this fool call Dr. Joseph, the Nigerian customs would have cleared them or seized them, this are the two options. Especially if the goods were contraband goods, there's no way the customs will allowed such in the Nigeria corridor of the border, and if the Benin Republic customs also notice that the goods belong to Nigerians, they will surely retaliate by either seizing the goods or hand them over to the Nigeria authority to show that it was Nigerians doing the smuggling. So, there's no sense to what this fool is saying here, but, I will like to advise the Nigeria government to go and claim those abandoned goods, since the real owners Ghanaians have forgone it because of more expense to repatriate th3m back. The border closures is helping the local manufacturer to smile to the bank daily, farmers are not left out. The only people complaining about the border closure are Ghanaians, Benin Republic , Niger Republic and Cameroon have stop crying and the have come up with plans to help Nigeria fight smugglers of contraband goods into the country. Ghana a more distance neighbour is still wailing because of her parasites nature of surviving immensely from Nigeria. GUTA is a confused organisation, Ghanaians are half baked and unwise. Una mumu go ki una soon, yeye pipu wit fish brain.

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Abah-fada on Mar 17, 2020 09:42
Re: Locked up goods at Nigeria border do not belon