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Cut ungodly cultural practices - Pentecost pastor to Christians

The Koforidua Area Head of the Church of Pentecost Apostle Samuel Osei Asante has charged Christians to influence reforms in negative Cultural practices in their families and traditional areas.

He said this will not only help protect human rights and restore human dignity but will manifest the life of Christ in society.

Ghana is struggling to totally eliminate some outmoded cultural and traditional practices such as Female Genital mutilation, Child betrothal and marriages, Widowhood rites, among others. Most of these primitive cultural practices condone abuse against women while hindering their progress.

According to Apostle Asante, members of the Church of Pentecost in particular must be agents of transformation by influencing the elimination of these negative cultural practices in their ethnic groups.

"It is our prayer that in this 2019 Easter Convention God will help anyone who still holds on to some ungodly cultural beliefs to encounter Christ to empower the person influence change of these cultural practices. The vision of the Church of Pentecost is to Poses the Nations and for these to be reality we can’t lose sight of influencing change in negative and ungodly cultural practices ”

He said this Sunday at the climax of the 2019 Easter Convention of Koforidua Municipal Zone of the Church of Pentecost held at Jackson Park.

Apostle Asante, an Executive Council Member of the Church of Pentecost, preaching on the topic “If Christ had not risen from the dead “, demonstrated how the death and resurrection of Christ continue to save many from the bondage of the devil and cleanses sinners who accept Christ.

He said but for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christians would not have eternal life, neither will Christians have the courage to preach about Jesus Christ as the Saviour. Therefore the death of Christ is as important as His resurrection to Christians.
Source: starrfm.com.gh
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