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'Fake Prophet' tag hurts me – Rev Owusu Bempah

Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah, Founder and Leader of Glorious Word Power Ministries International has expressed displeasure about how his name is often listed among some ‘fake prophets’ in the country.

The disheartened Owusu Bempah, known for his prophecies which usually come to pass, maintained that he is not a false Prophet but genuinely called by God to serve Him and humanity.

He said, “There is something painful on my heart, for long, which I want to talk about finally. When people list false Prophets, they include my name and I’m wondering if it’s to draw people’s attention.”

According to him, he has preached successfully without a ring at many places while questioning the motive behind such reports by the media.

Some controversies in the religious arena claimed some fake men of God, who wear rings, use voodoo powers to perform extraordinary miracles.

Critics, are of the view that such ‘prophets’ can be noticed through the ‘similar’ sense of style and big congregations.

Responding to the critics, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah rhetorically stated, “Why do we have to limit God’s power to a ring?”

Challenging the host on Kofi TV on how he can still function as a man of God without wearing the accessory, Owusu Bempah requested that he brings in people to Minister unto them.

He reiterated that even without the ring, he is able to point out individuals and reveal events that have happened in their lives as well as prophesy.

“As I sit here with you, I’m without a ring but invite people here and give me a microphone and you’ll see what will happen. Maybe because I’m in my house you won’t believe me but as a host at Adom FM, just challenge me and invite about 50 people and you’d be shocked at the turn of events. I will call some people out and say things about themselves that you’d be shocked.”

On the circumstances leading to how he got his calling, Rev. Owusu Bempah vehemently said that he was not schooled on how to prophesy into the lives of people.

He claimed he received the gift of Prophesy when he repented, although he did not understand what it meant or how to use his gift.

However, the man of God went on to reveal that he was assisted by one Bishop Korang Poku in the early days of his Ministry.

He recalled how Korang Poku bumped into a night vigil he and a group of friends organized and how he told the Bishop a vision he had about him and vice versa after which they developed a father-son relationship.

Recounting the experience he said, “I personally do not like to brag nor like to exalt myself. When I began working for God the one who took me through was one Bishop Korang Poku. How we met was a bit bizarre. I was at an all-night with some classmates when he came around while we were praying. I saw something about him in the realms of the Spirit which I told him. Interestingly he also saw something about me and told me. That was how we got close. Since then he took me in as a son and continued to guard me.”

Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah further indicated that one of the few people who can testify to his genuineness is Bishop Amoako Salifu. According to him they met at a seminar where the likes of Eastwood Anaba, Victor Osei and Frank Osei were invited to preach.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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