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I saw Obinim in my dream - Church member confesses

A member of the International God's Way Church, owned by Bishop Daniel Obinim, has mounted a strong defense in favour of the leader of the church.

Justifying why he supports Obinim's stance in what he does, Fred Kyei Mensah said the leader of the church saved his life.

Speaking on Joy FM's Ghana Connect program Friday, he said he saw Obinim in a trance on the night of June 3, 2015 warning him not to go out.

That was the night of the unfortunate flood disaster at Circle where a lot of lives were lost at a fuel station.

Rev. Obinim was involved in a spat with Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah of the Royal House Chapel some few weeks ago where the men of God exchanged unsavory words. This follows Obinim’s earlier comments about his ability to turn into any spiritual animals of his choice.

Rev. Ankrah criticized the miraculous behaviors of modern day pastors and described the situation as, “very sad, magic, unchristian and unbiblical.’

According to Rev Ankrah, an authority must bring modern day preachers to book and called for some order before things get out of hands.

In a strongly worded statement, however, the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), in response to the two pastors' recent spat issued a release asking that the state must regulate the activities of some pastors.

Mr. Mensah thought this was uncalled for as Rev Ankrah who according to him started the criticism was insulting.

He argued that for anyone to think that the followers of Rev Obinim do not have a mind of their own is insulting their intellect to say the least, and to this he said he still takes offense.

According to him, the basic rule of engagement in Ghana is the Constitution, which gives citizens the freedom of association. He, therefore, decried the fact that the ministry of Obinim has been around for over 20 years yet people have a problematic perception about him.

Mr. Mensah said people did not understand the 'turning into snake' issue which he clarified that Rev Obinim said that in defense of his fighting for his congregation in spirit. Some bloggers he added distorted this to put false information out that he said he could turn into a snake spiritually.

Another member of the panel Rev Frimpong-Manso, a member of GPCC disagreed with Mr. Mensah arguing that, Ghanaians must know and understand why they believe in what they worship.

Rev Frimpong-Manso explained that the GPCC call was never to criticize, condemn or destroying any one pastor.

He said, “The practices of some pastors contradict the teaching of God by using miracles, selling of water, selling of anointing oil and some statements by some men of God are alienating from the word of God.”

Also, on the panel was Samuel Moore, a non-practicing Christian who is indifferent to Christianity and religion in general.

Mr. Moore explained his reason for distancing himself from religion saying that religions all over the world have its good ways but it makes people lose their minds and not ask analytical questions.

“Religion is good but people must ask the critical question of the Bible for example. We must subject some scriptures to reasoning,” said Mr. Moore.

Source: Myjoyonline.com