Religion Thu, 29 Mar 2018

Our traditions and culture do not contradict Christianity - Reverend Minster

The Minister in charge of Mount Sinai Methodist Church located at Atomic in Accra; Very Rev. Felix Tawiah Dankwa, has suggested that traditions and culture forms part of Christian worship.

According to him, our traditions and culture are part of Christian worship and was purposely planned by God.

He said, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and anything we do is part of our culture and anyone without a culture, cannot call him or herself a Christian.

The concept of God he noted has been in existence for years and in the past, our forefathers were praying through their deities until God redeemed man ‘’but that did not prevent us from the food we eat nor did it stop us from wearing our traditional clothes, it did not also stop us from the way we install our chiefs. However, we can embellish them with Christianity to make them indigenous.’’

He was speaking to Rainbow Radio’s Kwadwo Asiedu Ansah, after the launch of the 50th anniversary celebration of the church which was marked in the native wear of members of the church last Sunday.

He said, Christians should cherish and value God through their language, way of dressing, way of life, our work and other norms that we associate ourselves with.

Rev. Dankwah went on to say that, we cannot refer to our language, food, clothes as idol worshiping but rather, we can use them in appreciating God
Source: rainbowradioonline.com