Religion Tue, 31 Jul 2018

Pastors cause fear and panic – Maurice Ampaw

Private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has chastised people who parade themselves as men of God to deceive the unsuspecting public with their false ministries.

According to him, such self-acclaimed pastors cause fear and panic among the people they minister to with their “lying” tongues and fake prophecies.

While Pastoral work may seem to be one of the quickest way of acquiring money in Ghana, Maurice said, “What baffles me is the strange tongues they speak. They pretend to be in the realms of the spirit and begin to make utterances about seeing a supposed attack from a family member.”

Maurice Ampaw explained that such remarks by ministers, who believe they are God’s sole channel of communication and that they alone can rightly interpret God’s Word inflict spiritual harm upon people.

In a bid to warn such deceitful pastors he labelled as “control freaks”, he angrily stated that such sham must come to a stop while threatening that no pastor of that nature should approach him with any false prophecy.

“What kind of pastor would perform such deeds and call himself a genuine pastor?” he asked rhetorically.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com