Religion Fri, 31 Jan 2014

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Bible remains intact after gas inferno

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Comment: Hmm, you are talking of human life, read

still serving
2014-01-31 12:03:20
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Re: Forensic Evidence

seeing things with carnal desires and carnal eyes raise such questions, but they lead to self destruction- your wish could not save anyone in history nor would it save you-just like the one who was crucified with CHRIST saying "if you are Christ save your self and save us from the cross". It sounds logical,
but look the other brother at the side of Christ, who recognized his sinful state and said:
"we are guilty but you(CHRIST) are not" remember me in your kingdom-
He had to die but CHRIST said "today you would be with me in paradise"

May God bless you!

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still serving on Jan 31, 2014 12:03
Hmm, you are talking of human life, read