Rt. Rev. Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu stripped naked

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Comment: Re: Rt. Rev. Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu Stripped Nake

Lord Tennison
2014-02-01 18:08:42
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Rt. Rev. Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu Stripped Naked

Kwabena Attah,are you a sycophant or what? What is your point?The Reverend's complaints are not new.He just reiterated what all of us know.That John Mahama does not know what he is doing as president.That is the reason he is so sluggish.I will buttress my assertion with the following:
(1)The withdrawal of the import duty waiver for health professionals.An incentive put in place to retain those at home and to attract those abroad to come home.Ghana's doctor/patient ratio is over 1:6000.
(2)John Mahama laments over brain drain in Kennesaw State University in Atlanta,Georgia and makes an about turn to support Brig. Nunoo Mensah for telling Ghanaians to procure passports and join the brain drain wagon.
(3).John Mahama tells Ghanaians that there are no freebies,oblivious of the vulnerable in Ghana(the senior citizens,orphans,etc. who are always propped up even by the champions of capitalism.
(4).John Mahama has no clues for combating corruption in Ghana,hence his saying that he cannot go and arrest the corrupt people.
Barack Obama does not go about arresting anybody.The FBI does.
John Mahama just needs to submit stiff anti-corruption bills to Parliament through a dynamic and committed Attorney General,the likes of Hamidu,for debate and enactment into law.If such legislation are not in the books already.
(5).John Mahama needs to strengthen the BNI and the CID through Training and incentives to take care of corruption.
(6).John Mahama should stop appointing his friends and relatives as ministers of state.For example,Nana Oye Lithur should not have been appointed when her husband is his trusted attorney.
(7)It is uncaring to cancel any form of allowance for any student.You cannot learn on an empty stomach and come out with excellent grades.
No Ghanaian is going to keep quiet when they are fast sinking in poverty.John Mahama cannot cower Ghanaians into submission like Nkrumah and his young pioneers did in those days.
He should stop behaving as if Ghana is his private enterprise.Ghanaians "elected?" him to be president.Therefore,he should not lose sight of that.
Ghana is a country which should not be poor.The day dreamers parading as leaders have put us in such a precarious situation:from the Dictator and Opportunist Kwame Nkrumah to hollow-minded John Mahama.None of them emerges as a catchy leader worthy of emulation.
The magic wand of Barack Obama was the assembling of Larry Summers,Tim
Gaithner and co who knew what to do.
Yet John Mahama continues to surrender himself with abysmal performers.
All the money flowing from our natural resources should be channeled into building our agricultural and industrial capacities so should the natural resources deplete in future,we will have safety nests.

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Lord Tennison on Feb 1, 18:08
Re: Rt. Rev. Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu Stripped Nake
ohenenana on Feb 1, 23:44