Religion Mon, 29 Feb 2016

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Bishops worry over insecurity

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Comment: Bishops 'worried' over 'insecurity'?

Marc Adoctor Zachary.
2016-03-01 02:19:43
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Bishops worry over insecurity

Bishops of the main churches - Roman Catholic Church, Methodist Church, Presbytarian Church and the Anglican Church should rather 'WORRY' about their depleating congregations and mass defections to the 'mushrooming' Penticostal and Evengelical churches rather than on 'insecurity' in the West African sub-region? There is more 'insecurity' in the four main churches than in the sub-region? Their main focus should rather be on filling their churches with their desertees. This is where the 'insecurity','SPIRITUAL INSECURITY' lies?

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Marc Adoctor Zachary. on Mar 1, 02:19
Bishops 'worried' over 'insecurity'?