Stop celebrating Easter so deaths, economic instability will end - Numerologist

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Comment: Jehovah God is the real one and only

marie springs khela
2018-03-31 11:01:51
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Easter is a pagan festival

It's Resurrection not Easter Easter is a European word the resurrection means the rebirth of Jesus Christ when he was resurrected to heaven to sit on the throne as the judge and ruler at the right hand of God Jehovah gave Jesus the assignment to judge Jehovah doesn't judge anymore and it's only confusing when you don't know the truth and do not seek the truth for yourself that doesn't mean going to Catholic Church to Confession of your sins and return it to your negative behavior fornication lying stealing rate adultery

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Efoh on Mar 31, 2018 09:06
marie springs khela on Mar 31, 2018 11:01
Jehovah God is the real one and only