Stop celebrating Easter so deaths, economic instability will end - Numerologist

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Columbus Columbus
2018-03-31 12:16:22
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Stop celebrating Easter so deaths, economic instab

Be very objective a little. Don't wait for any other learned person to tell you the death and resurrection story of Jesus is NOT true. It's even an insult to the Almighty God.
What do you take God for? A powerless God or what kind of god? That, He (God) cannot forgive us our sins UNLESS someone dies.
WHAT DOES GOD need the blood for? Please let's wise up. We have been deceived by the white men. They were the ones who fed us with all these nonsensical stories. God never sent Jesus to come and die for anyone.
Jesus even went down on his knees and prayed to God to save him from that so-called salvation. Why should the God(Jesus) that you worship undergo all these things before you could be saved? Is he a powerless God who cannot forgive. Sometimes, I even lose appetite when I hear this death and resurrection myth of Christ Jesus

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Efoh on Mar 31, 2018 09:06
Columbus Columbus on Mar 31, 2018 12:16