Stop celebrating Easter so deaths, economic instability will end - Numerologist

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marie springs khela
2018-03-31 12:32:46
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Re: sill talk

Thousand Years Donna was very rich in his culture the Ashanti kingdom was the most powerful Kingdom kings and queens Donna was called or named the Gold Coast then here come the Portuguese the British the Dutch the Germans building the Air Force slaves being sold from the Ashanti Kings to the Portuguese I don't know why anyone would call it a castle because it's not a castle to those who were imprisoned there before they were separated from their loved ones and chain, raped, starved in human exposure on the ship where Millions died during The Voyage to be dropped off as slaves in the Caribbean the United States.
Not only were women and children raped men were raped also at the hands of the sickest people on the face of the Earth.
The song Amazing Grace was written by a slave owner but God touched his heart in the middle of the ocean he wrote the song and he turn the ship around and brought it back to whichever Port he had stolen the people from and he let the people go free I can't think of his name at this moment.
If the citizens people of Ghana was stop tribal lysing each other come together as a people work together think collectively help one another as God instructs in the Bible that we must do to receive his approval Ghana could be great again but most people sit back and complain on ghanaweb they just become so complacent to what's going on around them they don't reach out to the neighbor or someone who is less fortunate they are to help you can say what you want about the United States but we are people that help one another we have food banks we have clothing banks back to school time we collect book bags shoes coats anything that you need and it's evenly I. distributed.
Some pastors fake man not even pastors will come to the United States visit a church and tell her hardship Stories the congregation and pastor we all chipped in when I used to attend church and give Financial donation school closing everything and those same pastors return to Ghana and keep all the Bounty for themselves and their families and friends the United States has always been a country to help others in distress and I myself has personally done so by helping children and families I've never met in Tanzania Kenya Ghana by paying school fees by uniforms helping with food Transportation lunch money I don't know these people I've never met them but I do what my heart tells me to do because God is in my heart citizens of Ghana need to rise up and take back their land drive out all the fake men teaching false religions.

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