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Comment: Re: Jehovah God is the real one and only

2018-03-31 15:21:42
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Jehovah God is the real one and only

U should even be a confused person by ur comments. I don't even know whether u are a Christian or not but l guess u are one, talking about the name of God as Jehovah tells me u don't know what u about. Jehovah is derived from four letters which was corrupted to Jehovah. Even in Hebrew the letter j doesn't exist at all which is why Jesus name itself is a matter of contention he never called the Almighty Jehovah, but Eli, Elaha Elohim tetraglamaton is said to be another name so get ur facts n on lslam, Allah is the Almighty Creator the 99 names are actually attributes such as the merciful, gracious all seer all knower the provider etc which all befit him only n nothing else so be educated. And what do mean by confession of sins. If the Creator doesn't know ur sins who else knows and who has to forgive and to punish apart from the Almighty Creator.

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Re: Jehovah God is the real one and only