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Victoria Hamah, two others to represent Africa at 2nd World Hindu Congress

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Comment: Kofi" kamasa"

Alhajia Porsche Napoli Italy
2018-09-06 21:27:56
Comment to:
Victoria Hamah, two others lead delegation to Worl

Hmmm it's only it only a
fool who will come on ghana web....and talk like a fool over a person who want to provide free food to his native Ghanaian...
Kofi...u are a looser..
And a son of a bitch...to come out with" rubbish "about a guy who is willing to help his nationals in Chicago...I don't know this guy but from the testimonies given about this guy Emmanuel...from those who know him...Am believing that u have something about him..
And u jealous him for whatever reason.....yes if he dont know what he does with his money...I bet u dont pay his bills..
So why are u talking about his winter bills and rent...which ain't got shit to do with u ..stop masquerading around on ghana web telling people what they should do with their money... I wish to see u and how ur face look like.......
Trying looking through the mirror before before u tell people what they should do with their own money...
Stupid vulture....on line telling the generous how to spend their money......
Goofy monkey from the bush... motherfucking" dope fin" I hope u know the America street slang for the word.."dope fin"..
Next time check ur background before u talk negativeabout good peole

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Alhajia Porsche Napoli Italy on Sep 6, 21:27