Cut ungodly cultural practices - Pentecost pastor to Christians

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Comment: Africans want to call me, "Akata"!

Black American Male
2019-04-23 03:18:39
Comment to:
Our forefathers were stupid!

That is exactly what their colonized minds are saying! They are trying to start a cultural war inside of Ghana...christianity vs tradition designed by one's Ancestors.
Ghana is number one for white enslaver definition of God, in West Africa.
They can't keep the lights on but the prez send a couple of million to fix the white folks church roof.
Too many Afr women yet they say their Ancestors were dumb for designing polygamy. Now place is full of ashawo. Even the big titty woman, halfGhanaina half-Kenyan is bedding 5 new boyfriends a year. Like there is a shortage of women in Africa!
Wake up foolish slave-minded locals. You have been had...AGAIN!

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Black American Male on Apr 23, 2019 03:18
Africans want to call me, "Akata"!