RSS Feeds

If you have your own website, you can use the following RSS feeds to automatically publish the headlines of GhanaWeb's news on your website.

This is an easy way to keep your website interesting for your visitors. Each time the news gets updated on GhanaWeb, the same headlines will automatically appear on your website.

If your website is built with a CMS (Content Management System), it will most likely have a facility to use GhanaWeb's RSS feed by copying and pasting it. Otherwise it will only be a trivial task for a webdeveloper to integrate a GhanaWeb RSS feed on your website.

If you have specific requirements we can develop a custom RSS feed for your website. If for example you operate a website about Buruli Ulcer, we can develop a custom RSS feed for you, which will automatically publish all the news articles about this decease on your website. Likewise we can setup a custom RSS feed about a musician or actress or a city or basically about any subject which we publish about.

Contact us if you like to know more about how a RSS feed can help you with your website.