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7 Ways on How To Build An Effective Relationship With Your Employer

Thu, 13 Apr 2023 Source: African Bagg recruitment

Developing a good connection with your employer can lead to chances for growth, such as increased promotion or raises in salary/allowances, as well as creating a wonderful working atmosphere for you - also leading to increased efficiency and good mental health for you at your workplace. By trying to connect successfully with your boss, you can build a stronger relationship and demonstrate your strengths as an employee. Learning how to build this employer-employee relationship is a valuable ability regardless of which industry you find yourself in.

The following are seven ways in which you can build a successful and professional relationship with your boss. You can feel free to share these suggestions with coworkers or peers to help promote harmony and create a wonderful working environment. We look forward to new ideas worth sharing that have not been included in this article in the comment section.

1. Discover the managerial technique of your employer

Understanding how your boss likes to interact with team members can assist you in developing a productive connection with them. Some managers, for example, prefer to know their workers by first name and talk about their personal lives, whereas others prefer a professional connection. If you're just starting out with your employer, you might question them about their favored communication approach. You can also use their tone and behavior as cues and model yourself after them – knowing your employer’s managerial technique and fitting yourself in it would help you connect with them in a space that does not create friction or cause any misunderstandings in instances such as communication.

2. Inquire and observe

Asking questions and actively listening will help you learn more about your employers and is an important part of developing relationships. Your show of interest in your employer’s corporate life (without overstepping), professional goals, or professional daily needs, when you inquire questions about them, is one of the ways to build a great relationship.

Allow them to share information about their lives before sharing yours. Furthermore, by asking questions and availing yourself to open communication, your employer will associate you with being an effective communicator. They will be more apt to come to you with concerns, celebrations, or when they need someone to share professional ideas with.

3. Be respectful of your employers

Respect your bosses and their ideas. Never make your employers feel that their opinions or views on how they would like you to work with them do not matter; remember, you are there to help build the company forward and as such, you cannot do things as you please; this means, even if your employers are wrong, do not just rub it in their face; instead, find a good time, approach them, and explain things from your perspective - if they are indeed wrong.

Employees may not always see the big picture from the employer's point of view because they manage more executive roles than you do. Please don't be rude to your boss when your idea differs from theirs; it will only get you fired. Respect your boss's authority and attempt to explain your point of view in a polite and humble manner.

4. Take the initiative, but always ask permission

Upper management is constantly searching for and rewarding employees who are creative and proactive in their approach to projects. Showing your enthusiasm and new ideas will demonstrate that you are not just showing up because you must, but that you are adding value to the business. Taking the initiative does not imply acting on your own will; always try as best as you can to seek approvals from your employers, as an initiative you may want to take may not sit well with your employer.

Keeping your employer informed will help them be better prepared for the result you want and will avoid conflicts with other initiatives they may have or have already taken that may conflict with yours.

5. Maintain an optimistic attitude at work

Working hard is one of the best indirect ways to improve your relationship with your employer if you are not the most confident communicator. Even if your boss does not routinely visit your team and speak with you directly, the fact that you are an efficient worker will be communicated to them in the office by your attitude, more specifically, in your performance evaluation. This is more essential than ever before, as many businesses now operate with the majority of their employees working remotely.

This is a perfect example of the adage "Actions speak louder than words". Work ethic should also stretch to presentation and meeting preparation. You can demonstrate to your boss that you are someone they should get to know as a valuable member of the team.

6. Be welcoming to coworkers

Building a great relationship with your employer does not imply that you should look down on your coworkers; in fact, working in harmony and in good health with your coworkers can send strong signals to your boss about your presence in the workplace, which will put you in good light with your boss. Try to conduct random acts of kindness if you can. Accept the first offer to swap duties with a colleague in need. Your actions will not go unnoticed; you will soon be known as "the dependable one," on whom others can rely in a crisis.

Playing it forward can help you build trust and solid relationships, as well as have an effective relationship with your workplace.

7. Prove your worth

Respect is an important component of a strong professional relationship, and you can earn your employer's respect by demonstrating your abilities and succeeding in your job. Because some employers prefer a more formal relationship with their workers, you may be unable to engage in a social discussion with them.

Exceeding expectations and creating high-quality work can demonstrate to your employer that you are an asset to their team. You can also demonstrate your worth by being a dependable team member. This strategy can assist you in developing a strong relationship with your employer and advancing in your job.

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