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8 Tips On How To Win The Heart Of An Interviewer During A Job Interview

Tue, 31 Jan 2023 Source: African Bagg recruitment

You have applied for a job and after waiting patiently, you finally get shortlisted! How do you ace the interview by winning the interviewer to your side and getting the job? One thing to note is that going for a job interview is the ideal opportunity to discuss your experiences, expertise, and abilities that are relevant to the company and the position you are seeking for.

To land the job is the main goal of an interview! The interviewer will determine throughout the interview whether you can fit into the organizational culture, have the drive to work well, and have the potential for the position. Additionally, you will discover more about the duties of your position and whether it is a good fit for you.

If you are fortunate enough to obtain an interview, making the correct impression will undoubtedly determine your fate with the company. Considering this, the question is how you as the interviewee can make the best impression. Your proficiency with specific persuasive tools, which will be explained below, will also be taken into consideration along with your level of verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

1. Pay attention to how you look: Make sure you appear clean and presentable.

Make sure you look presentable and neat before the interview as one of your first tasks. This entails rising early, taking a shower, sometimes using perfume, not excessively, but a bad body odor is a turn-off, and dressing ‘professionally’ to impress. Even before a single word leaves your mouth, your general appearance is crucial. During the initial few seconds of the interview, the interviewer determines how competent or incompetent you are. Although this may seem unjust, it is a simple truth of the job interviewing process. It would be preferable to focus on what you can do to make your interview stand out rather than on how unfair everything is.

2. Do proper research about the organization and the role you’re going in for.

After you’ve dressed to impress and look great, you should learn a little about the establishment you are invited to. They might enquire about your knowledge of the company and what you ought to know. Questions about the company’s workforce and location count are frequently asked. You might also be asked about their areas of expertise and, more importantly, what you can offer the firm. Other inquiries might concern any recent successes of the company, and each time you mention something, it will offer you a great advantage over other candidates because you know about the company.

3. Practice responding to typical inquiries

Get ready for the typical interview questions and responses. These are: describing your interest in the position and providing more personal information. This can take you one step closer to getting the job.

To swiftly communicate who you are and the value you will offer to your position and the organization, practice your job interview questions and replies. This can occasionally serve as your elevator pitch.

4. Pay attention to your body language and confidence

You must project the image of a victor. An effective worker is what a manager wants. They won’t be interested if you come across as slow, uninterested, or unmotivated, or even unintentionally active. Expect neither empathy nor pity. The boss is looking for a highly motivated individual that will go above and beyond to be successful. You should exude optimism, assertiveness, intelligence, energy, and passion to capture their attention.

Consider yourself the supervisor. Would you rather recruit someone who will make your job more difficult or easier? Do you want to hire someone who will be a go-getter and make your boss pleased with your ability to make decisions or someone who will struggle?

5. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and smile broadly.

Once you’re in the interview room, take a seat and smile broadly. Be sure to keep looking the interviewer in the eye but not in a creepy way. Maintaining eye contact throughout the interview is preferable to avoiding evasive eyes, which frequently suggest that you have something to conceal.

You should now begin by saying, “I’m sure you get a lot of applications. Why did you pick me for the interview? This might help to immediately make you look good because the interviewer will be persuaded to pay attention to why they selected you. If they respond that your résumé was strong or mention qualifies that encouraged their decision to select you, this can boost your confidence and help you have a smooth interview without the feeling of tension on you.

6. As honestly and positively as you can, respond to the questions without any lies.

Answer the questions as honestly and positively as you can throughout the interview, and don’t forget to smile. Maintaining a cheerful attitude and try to speak positively. This is because no one wants to work with a negative person, doing this will give the impression that you are a positive person who can join their team.

7. Maintain a positive attitude

The secret to a good job interview is having a positive and great attitude. But it’s important to keep in mind that, even if they are accurate, recruiters do not want to hear about terrible experiences or repeated justifications – excuses would only make you look bad, do not play blame games on your former employers or teammates.

Additionally, do not attempt to justify yourself if the interviewer asks about a sudden career change, poor grades, or your weakness. Instead, emphasize the details and discuss how they have helped you. And don’t criticize or curse at anyone. This will convey the wrong idea.

8. Make a list of queries to ask the interviewer

Asking questions will show that you are interested in the position and that you performed a thorough study of the role and the company. You might think about posing the following queries to your interviewer:

- Could you kindly outline the daily duties of this position?

- How often and how would my performance be evaluated if I were in this position?

- What qualities do you think makes someone suitable for this position?

- What division does the team belong to?

- Would you kindly clarify the overall collaboration between the departments?

- What are the typical difficulties you encounter in your job?

After the interviewer has finished asking the questions, be sure to thank them and express how wonderful it would be to work for their company. This again gives the impression that you are already a member of the team to the interviewer. Taking the above points into your next job interview may help you secure the job!

Best of luck.

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