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9 Steps On How To Grow A Professional Network And Build Your Career

Wed, 15 Feb 2023 Source: African Bagg recruitment

For the purpose of starting a business or getting a job, professional networking is crucial. It may be quite challenging to advance in your work even if you have the degree and the necessary abilities. Many people struggle with networking because they may be shy or feel they are expecting too much of others.

Either you enjoy interacting with new individuals or cringe at the notion of a room full of strangers, networking is crucial for professional success. You can meet people who can assist you in your career endeavors by expanding your professional relationships in novel and intriguing ways. You will quickly notice that many successful businesspeople have networks if you inquire from them how they arrived at where they are currently. However, it is unlikely that they were born with these ties of a professional network, but they were instead developed via effective business networking and career building.

Below are nine (9) suggestions to help you improve your networking abilities and advance/build your career.

1. Active use of Social Media

Even if social media isn't your thing, it might be one of the simplest methods to expand your network of contacts in the business world. Of course, LinkedIn is one of the top professional social media platforms dedicated to business professionals and it may be the right place for you to start thus if you already have an account on the platform. For many reasons, it's crucial to have a completely optimized social media profile, but this is just one aspect of your overall networking strategy. Join select online groups and participate in conversations with consideration. Giving sound advice establishes your worth as a network member to the other group members.

2. Join professional networking events

Professional networking is a fantastic way to discover new company leads, share business ideas, and learn about industry best practices. You may quickly network with hundreds of industry-related people by taking part in a networking event either virtual or in person. It makes the most of your time by enabling you to quickly interact with experts who can present you with viable business prospects.

3. Increase your professional social media audience and presence

When used correctly, social media may be a helpful tool for connecting your industry authority and commercial prospects. However, bear in mind that having a fantastic social media presence with the correct following and followers is the first step in contacting your potential audience. You'll probably attract appropriate followers after your bio accurately represents your sector. Create an industry-specific feed right away to share your knowledge in your field and increase engagement. Social networking is a fun and convenient way to connect with people, stay in touch, and send them personal messages to check in on them. Posting sometimes on the platform of your choosing with educational news, amusing videos, and motivational quotations builds attention and start conversations with other users. Additionally, knowing when to be formal and casual, it aids in maintaining your relationship with your professional network as

you would not want to be too formal and unapproachable.

4. Construct win-win scenarios - give and take

In networking settings, people anticipate you to solicit their assistance. Your networking partner will likely be appreciative and wish to repay the favor often if you flip it around and also give help. When networking, it's crucial that both you and the other person benefit. The other person could believe the connection is not worth their time if you gain more from it than they do. The objective is to create a long-lasting professional relationship that benefits both parties.

5. Reach Out to Old Colleagues

Consider re-establishing contact with your former coworkers or perhaps your supervisor if you left your prior job on good terms. You may at the very least catch up on old times and learn what's new and fascinating about your former employer. If they've gone on, it can be worthwhile to reconnect since you never know who or what they know.

6. Consider Other Industries

Of course, networking inside your field is a fantastic place to begin. Making contacts outside of your professional network is the best way to expand it, though. You may advance professionally by broadening your networking activities beyond your sphere of employment. It's a fun opportunity to meet others who might not work in the same industry as you but can still offer helpful advice on getting about the workplace. By learning more about professions outside of your own and expanding your knowledge of your sector, you might even be inspired to change careers.

7. Focus on quality and not just quantity

Enhancing the quality of your professional network might be just as crucial as increasing its size (if not more). Consider how you may strengthen the relationships you already have rather than just expanding the number of contacts you have. Don't wait until you are in need to get in touch with a significant connection you have just made. When you don't need anything, deliberately reach out to a coworker or new acquaintance. Focus on building deep networks, and stay relevant in their lives as you many do not need 100 people to land on that next big gig but just one person can create that magic.

8. Volunteer at professional organization conventions and conferences

Another strategy to expand your network organically is through volunteering for trade associations, conferences, or boards. She suggests that you select board membership based on your job sector or choose affiliation based on a cause you are passionate about. This is a fantastic tactic since it regularly presents networking chances and simultaneously strengthens your CV! Certainly, while choosing your volunteer opportunities, be thoughtful and practical. If time commitment is an issue, consider volunteering to assist plan the organization's annual conference rather than running for president. As it gives a volunteer experience with extensive networking possibilities and requires little time commitment, and frequently includes free admission to an excellent event, volunteering for a conference is a triple win.

9. Request recommendations from people in your existing network

Asking your present friends, family, and colleagues for the contact information of people

they believe might be useful for you to know is the simplest method to extend your

network. The "friend-of-a-friend" contact is highly solid and frequently quite prosperous. When

requesting recommendations, a smart question is "Who else should I be talking



Building a professional network and growing your career is very important, and this is something people often take for granted. We believe you have heard the statement “No man is an island”, we need people to often help us reach the next height of our journey and by networking, this task becomes easier. Setting networking goals is the first step in developing a professional network. Then start making an effort to stand apart. Make contact with existing contacts, join regional and national networking or business-related groups, go to events, and make social media connections.

Cover image credit: The Entrepreneurs Solutions Summit, 2022


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