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I'm Still Doing Music - Rex Omar

Sat, 18 Mar 2023 Source: Ghana Trends

Ghanaian music legend Rex Omar says he is still active in the music industry, even though he has taken a step back from performing on stage.

In an interview with Kokonsa Kester on a special edition of Y 107.9 FM’s Weekend Rush show dubbed “Music Made In Ghana”, the Ghanaian legend spoke about his current activities and the state of the Ghana music industry.

According to Rex Omar, an artiste is always an artiste, but they may have different talents in writing and performing. He considers himself lucky to possess both talents.

However, he revealed that he is now focusing more on the writing aspect of music and has taken a backseat when it comes to performing.

“I’ve kind of coiled back into writing as I help behind the scenes to assist with the administrative aspect of the music industry, specifically on the corporate side,” Rex Omar explained.

“So yes, I have not been as active as I used to be in terms of performing, but I’m still writing a lot of songs while at the same time helping to structure the collective management of the organization, which is GHAMRO.”

GHAMRO (Ghana Music Rights Organization) is a collective management organization that represents the rights of authors, composers, and publishers of musical works in Ghana.

Rex Omar, who is the current chairman of GHAMRO, revealed that he is working to help structure the organization and ensure that it operates efficiently.

Source: Ghana Trends