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Bolgatanga East- NPP polling station Women organizers empowered; Vowed to mobilize women for Parliamentary Victory

Mon, 31 Oct 2022 Source: Joseph Dumolga

Forty three ( 43) Polling Station Women organizers in the sixteen Electoral Areas in Bolgatanga East constituency have been empowered and resourced to help women contribute their quotas in the development of the party ahead of political victories especially winning the parliament seat from the NDC for the first time in 2024.

This gesture and show of love for the women wing in the constituency was by kind courtesy of Mr. Mathew Silas Amoah who is a party member and businessman in partnership with the party's constituency executives.

The 43 polling station women organizers each received a bicycle and cash amount of GHC 200 to assist them in a little way move around in their respective electoral areas as well as used the token amount to assist in small scale businesses.

In most constituency in the Upper East Region, women in the grassroots of political parties struggle to contribute well in political decisions and fit well in door to door campaigns either campaign season or off campaign seasons. Thus, women in the grassroot politics are limited to carry out their political activities.

At a ceremony to present the Bicycles and the cash amount to the polling station women organizers, Mr. Mathew Silas Amoah thanked the constituency executives for partnering with and giving him the opportunity to extend a hand of support to his mothers and sisters who have toiled for the party all these years.

" As part of my social activities, I decided to donate some bicycles to the constituency executives that they will intend give to the 43 polling station women organizers, is one way or the other, it will help them do party works in a way" he stressed.

" And as part of charity, I decided to support each woman with an amount of GHC 200 so they can venture into small scale businesses, selling of salt and stuffs, you know our mothers once they have something little, they can make a fortune out of it. So it is my intention that I come to the party executives help them so we can send these gifts to our party polling station women organizers. Basically, that is the intention for organizing this meeting to help the great NPP party in Bolga East", he added.

Mr. Mathew touted Current government as one that has every Ghanaian at heart especially the poor citing some of the pro- poor policies like the free SHS, NABCO and the agenda 111 projects including educational and road infrastructure.

He has therefore emphasized that the philanthropic activities he is under taking for both party and the constituency is not a desperate attempt to get him to parliament but rather has the people at heart and he is ready to serve his people in any capacity.

" I have that intention to serve my people that's why any time I get little resources up there, I run home with it so if the people, like the Bible says; the voice of the people is the voice of God. If the people call for it, why not but let me say this, am not desperate or am not doing this with the intention that I want to contest for an MP or whatever, the party has leadership, the party has people. If they call, we will respond, the party decides or the state that they say stay back and do your party work, we will do that so is not a desperate attempt. We are in to help the party at home and that's the focus".

After handing over the Bicycles and the cash amount to the leadership of the party in the constituency, the constituency women's organizer Madam Evelyn Abingde said the women's wing is overwhelmed for such a person to remember them as women in party's local politics. She outlined the efforts of women in trying to snatch the seat from the NDC since 2012.

" We the Women campaigned very well in the past elections to snatch the seat from the NDC but it wasn't possible but this time, we are tightening our belts and looking at the situation, the conditions, the support that is coming to the Women's wing, we think this time we will do much much better and we will be able to snatch the seat from the NDC", she assured the party.

Other party members especially the sixteen electoral area coordinators were present to support the women in appreciating the good gestures by Mr. Mathew Silas Amoah.

Source: Joseph Dumolga