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HAJJ 2022: Ghana Has Not Recorded Any Form Of Outbreak - Hajj Medical Director

Tue, 19 Jul 2022 Source: Joseph Dumolga

The Director of the Ghana Hajj medical team of the Ghana Hajj Board, Dr. Seidu Zakaria has disclosed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia that his outfit has not recorded any form of outbreak like meningitis, COVID-19, airborne diseases and others in this year's Hajj due to the measures taken by the Medical team in preparedness to the Holy exercise including a well coordinated surveillance and monitoring team by the Hajj medical team right from Ghana despite the short time of preparations for the Hajj journey.

Meanwhile two Ghanaian pilgrims; a man and a woman lost their lives during the Hajj and a female pilgrim delivered before the start of the Hajj.

The woman who was the first to go back to her maker according to Dr. Seidu Zakaria, fell down and died immediately whiles observing one of the five daily prayers even before the medical team could have access to her. The second pilgrim being a male was referred to the king Abdul Aziz Hospital in Mecca for two weeks and eventually died out of high sugar levels which he was diagnosed before he embarked on the Holy journey to Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Seidu Zakaria, said the general outlook of the medical team operations in this year's Hajj is something that is been achieved out of successive past experiences in the delivery of health services to Ghanaian pilgrims but was quick not to blow their own ( medical team) trumpet rather leaving the judgement to the pilgrims themselves because they are the direct beneficiaries of health delivery rendered to Ghanaian pilgrims.

Dr. Seidu Zakaria noted that, medical consumables were brought enough to take care of every pilgrim and more of the consumables are still in stock after the main Hajj exercise till the time of departure. According to the Hajj medical director, though some pilgrims were admitted for observation and treatment at the various satellite Hajj clinics at the hotels, they did not record any outbreak of disease from any pilgrim right from Medina to the rest of the locations where the rituals of Hajj took place. He commended the medical team for exhibiting professionalism and sacrifice in the discharge of their duties to pilgrims.

Through the surveillance by the medical team and in collaboration with the SaudiArabian ministry of health, no Ghanaian pilgrim had transmitted any strange or known diseases to the Ghanaian camp.

Due to the excellent performance of the medical team, the Saudi Arabian ministry of health has highly placed the Ghana medical team on top of their commendations and recommendations as far as this year's Hajj is concerned and officials of the ministry periodically visit the various Ghana Hajj clinics for "site seeing".

Prior to the start of this year's Hajj, the Ghana medical team had organised series of health education to pilgrims at the various hotels in Mecca and other locations touching on hygiene, high temperature management, COVID-19 management and other related health topics.

The Hajj medical team and the Hajj Board had ensured every pilgrim embarking on the Hajj had vaccinated for COVID-19 and meningitis as well as undergoing health screening from their respective towns.

Source: Joseph Dumolga