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Talensi Royal Prince, “Commando”, denies being a robber on bail

Fri, 1 Jul 2022 Source: Joseph Dumolga

A Royal Prince from the Gbane Traditional Area, Paazie Naabil who is notable as "Commando" has denied completely of being a suspected who is on bail.

"Commando" likewise rejected that he took steps to go after Zongdan Buyak Kolog who is otherwise called "Poloo" as the latter claims.

An article published on starrfm.com.gh on June 21st, 2022 has the headline "Suspected robber on bail threatens to attack Talensi’s Polo”

The said publication reported that “ Paazie Naab, alias “Commando”, “ is a suspected robber who reportedly issued a death threat to a popular philanthropist and miner in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, Zongdan Buyak Kolog, generally known as Polo, has been captured firing from a pistol in a video clip.

Commando and four others (Binaab Boazie, Suguru Naabil, Boazie Naabil alias Tiger and Berimamwe Naabil) were arraigned and granted bail at a High Court in Bolgatanga in 2014 for reportedly robbing Polo of property worth Gh¢302, 660.00 in 2012. The stolen items were 20 sacks of gold-bearing rocks valued at Gh¢3,000.00, a lump of gold (2.1 kilos) worth Gh¢174,000.00, gold particles (1.725 g) valued at Gh¢109, 000.00, a cash amount of Gh¢12,300.00, a DSTV decoder valued at Gh¢360.00 and two jackhammers worth Gh¢4,000.00.”

In the mean time, "Commando" point by point the fight that brought about the Police case back in 2012.

At a press briefing at the royal residence of the Gbane Chief on June 30th, 2022, “Commando" seized the opportunity to narrate the incident between him and "Poloo" which was settled genially out of court as requested by a High Court Judge.

“ I wish to state clearly that I am not a robber and neither of my brothers involved in the court case in 2012 is a robber. And have no history of being robbers and by the Grace of God we shall never engage in such a silly thing,” he said.

“Commando” went on to add that “ I was therefore surprised when my attention was drawn to a publication on starrfm.com.gh, describing me and my brothers as robbers. I wasn't just surprised of the publication but why a journalist would recall the 2012 incident without stating the facts and painting a picture as if we are serial robbers.

To my dismay, Poloo says he has no knowledge of the malicious publication and is not in support of the same. However, I would like the general public to know that I'm not a criminal, and neither of my brothers is a criminal record or has any criminal record as the story sought to portray and Gbane Chief Palace does not condone crime”. “ Commando reiterated.

On his recent misunderstanding with "Poloo" on June 16th, 2022 at the Catholic Social Center in Bolgatanga, "Commando" concedes that they couldn't help contradicting each other yet set things right not too far off.

“.. So, on Thursday, June 16, 2022, the small-scale miners held a meeting at the Catholic Social Center to discuss how the two percent share would be disbursed. A disagreement broke out in the meeting between Poloo and me but was quickly settled before the end of the meeting.

Also in one of our previous meetings, I was indisposed and could not attend the meeting and delegated one of my younger brothers and Poloo sacked him from the meeting. This particular action displeased me but it was all settled in the meeting”.

All in all, "Commando" communicated his disappointment in the characters behind the pernicious distribution.

“I wish to state categorically that my very good self- PRINCE PAAZIE NAABIL, AKA COMMANDO, BIIHNAAB BOAZIE NAABIL, SUGURU NAABIL, BABENIMAHME and BOAZIE AKA Tiger are not robbers and have never been bailed with the charge of robbery.

I wish to urge the general public to disregard the publication and treat it with disdain” He ended.

Source: Joseph Dumolga