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Ex-Premier League Footballer with 13 Kids Says He Can’t Afford to Pay Child Support

Tue, 14 Feb 2023 Source: Michael Djan

The former Zimbabwean player Peter Ndlovu 49 years old played for several Premier League clubs including Sheffield United, Huddersfield and Birmingham but is now involved in a legal battle with the mother of his children. Those of a certain age will remember Ndlovu as a solid player who retired in 2011.

The former footballer Peter Ndlovu has claimed that he can’t afford to pay the £568 in child support for two of his kids because he has 11 others already.

"I’m obliged to contribute and see to the maintenance needs of all 13 of my children." he told the court.

According to him, he did not know that the two children even existed.

He disclosed; “I was not informed by the respondent about the pregnancies or the subsequent births of our children.”

“The last I heard of the children was when she instituted maintenance proceedings against me in 2016.”

Ndlovu was eager to stress that he cannot afford to pay the two requested child maintenance fees.

He said: “There is no communication between the respondent and me. We share no relationship and there is no contact between us.”

Still, the court has ordered that he pays the agreed amount to the mother of his children, regardless of his situation.

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Source: Michael Djan