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Frustrated Jobless Graduate Burns Her Degree for Being ‘Useless’, Posts Video Online

Thu, 27 Oct 2022 Source: Michael Djan

Unemployment has become a huge problem amongst graduates who went to further their studies in order to better their circumstances and also have professional careers.

This has resulted in many unemployed individuals being frustrated because this is not how they planned out their lives and because they had big dreams of putting their educational knowledge and degrees to good use.

The video, which left many young people in shock on social media, was of a frustrated graduate who decided to burn her degree because, after graduating, she was unemployed for the longest time, and because of the lack of opportunities, she retaliated by burning her degree and calling it useless.

According to reports, the video went viral and even reached the university where she graduated from. The university felt disrespected by her actions and revoked her degree.

Source: Michael Djan