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How A Pastor slept with my Mother with promise of automatic Ticket to Heaven

Fri, 4 Nov 2022 Source: Michael Djan

Some women are easy to scam by these bandits in suits called pastors, that is why the population of women in prayer camps and churches outnumber the men.

A young woman has disclosed that an unnamed pastor deceived her mother to sleep with him with a promise of automatic Ticket to Heaven.

She made this known while responding to an undercover investigation by FIJ's Fisayo Soyombo on the activities of fake prophets and their methods of defrauding their victims with fake visions and prophesies and shared on twitter.

She Wrote:

"Dear Fisayo, I really enjoyed reading your research piece titled "Prophets of their Pockets." But these prophets also deprive their followers of their livelihoods and mental health in addition to defrauding them of their hard-earned money.

"Because I am a result of the "unholy" relationship of a pastor and a choir member, I can relate to this piece directly."

"I now feel confident sharing my tale thanks to your research."

"I can relate to what it was like to experience shame because of your birth. Church tensions caused my mother's schizophrenia, which she lived with until her passing last year."

"The original "Amona Tete bo" song features my mother's voice, and while no one has ever heard of her by name, she is recognized by those who have. She was a founding member and lead alto of the Kaduna gospel group CAC Ayewa."

"Even though my mother avoided church for many years, I recall one of the pastors coming to our house and urging her to sleep with him in exchange for an automatic ticket to paradise. It's worth noting that this individual was also married.”

Source: Michael Djan