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How I Found Out That My Boyfriend Was Married After I Got Pregnant for Him-Lady Shares Her Sad Story

Wed, 2 Nov 2022 Source: Michael Djan

A lady named Cindy Timbila from Asuofia narrated how she found out that her boyfriend was married after she got pregnant for him on “Akoma FM”.

According to the lady, she met her boyfriend named Ayimbota when she was a student in the Senior high school, but she didn't know that the man is married. He promised to marry her within short time and even persuaded her to give birth for him.

The lady disclosed that she did not accept this request, but decided to focus on her education. However, she was able to protect herself to avoid unwanted pregnancies for several months. He also took care of her and even provided her with enough money. A few months later she fell ill and developed morning sickness. She then suspected of being pregnant so she asked him for money to go to the hospital, Ayimbota didn't give her money but rather told her to stay home for a while.

Cindy said she went back to school to continue her education but her school mistress and other students found out that she was pregnant. She then went back home and told her boyfriend about the pregnancy. To her surprise Ayimbota denied the pregnancy, saying she had gone to Tamale and had sexual encounter with another man before she went to school. He then went to the cemetery and cursed her to die if she truly slept with another man.

The lady tried to explain to him that nothing of the sort had happened and that she was not afraid of the curse, but he still did not accept the pregnancy. Cindy again said she went the extra mile by meeting with her mother-in-law and telling her about her son's decision not to perform his responsibility but the woman asked her why she didn't protect from unwanted pregnancy. At this, she became helpless and has no choice than to summon him to the Social Welfare.

Cindy revealed that it was at the Social Welfare her boyfriend disclosed that he has a wife and children, but he was ordered to look after her until she gave birth. Although he agreed and began taking care of her but he stopped few weeks after she delivered.

The lady confirmed she managed to take good care of the child up to date but she can't continue again, hence she wants her boyfriend to start performing his duties as a responsible father.

By Ccobbina (self-media writer)

Source: Michael Djan