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I Prevented My Husband from Having Sex with Me for This Reason - A Married Woman Narrates Her Sad story

Wed, 26 Oct 2022 Source: Michael Djan

A married woman named Akosua Achia, who is a resident of Tafo in Kumasi has narrated why she prevented her husband from having affair with her months ago on “Sompa TV”.

The woman explained that she met Kwadwo Ameyaw when she started learning hairdressing. The man helped her with her skills and they got married after she completed and establish her shop. After a few months, Ameyaw convinced her to stop doing the hairdressing and help him in his business.

She also listened to him, closed the shop and started trading with her husband. They were able to save money, buy land and build their own house. Akosua said her husband's business collapsed after they gave birth to their child. She tried to support him financially, but after he began having an affair, his behavior changed and he began to abuse her whenever they had a misunderstanding.

She conceived again but the man beat her, after she refused to give money to one of his side chick’s, she started bleeding at that moment and got miscarriage.

Akosua continued that she was rushed the hospital and underwent an operation before the fetus was removed. After she was discharged from the hospital, the man neglected her and continued to beat her over trivial issues whilst she was not cured. Although she decided to arrest him but he came with his family to ask her to forgive him and promise never to assault her again. Akosua said she recovered and started working again but Ameyaw abused her.

He also insulted her, saying she was no longer attractive to him that's why he continued to sleep with other women. Akosua said she also decided not to have an affair with her husband because she of the insult. she left their matrimonial bed and went to sleep in another room. What worries her is that Ameyaw beats her every night and threatens to kill her if she prevented him from sleeping with her.

In addition, the woman said that she could not stand the abused so she summoned him to court and was asked to sign a bond that he would never hit her again. But four months later their two children had an argument over a cell phone and she tried to punish them but her husband got angry and hit her with the plate he was eating in it and she started bleeding.

Her husband also kept threatening to kill her at night. The woman said that she is now afraid that her husband may kill her, so she needs help to prevent him from beating her again.

By Ccobbina (self-media writer)

Source: Michael Djan