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“I Went to Hospital to Have My Baby… And Was Discharged Without My Hand”-24-Year-Old Mother Sadly Narrates

Sat, 21 Jan 2023 Source: Michael Djan

According to Rabapost, this sad story happened in Brazil. Carla’s birth experience should have gone smoothly. The 24-year-old was young and healthy when she went into labour at 39 weeks.

Her sweet baby boy was healthy and all seemed to be going well. But shortly after the delivery, Carla, who has two other children, started losing a dangerous amount of blood.

Medical staff at the Rio de Janeiro hospital rushed to her side, inserting a cannula into her hand.

It was a routine part of making sure doctors and nurses would be able to administer fluids and medications, but shockingly, the simple procedure cost Carla her hand.

It all seemed to happen so fast. After the cannula (medical, the act of putting a thin tube into a part of somebody's body) was inserted, Carla’s hand turned purple and became swollen. Her skin was so tight that she was in agonising pain.

Deciding they couldn’t cope with the emergency situation that was deteriorating quickly, Carla was transferred to another hospital, where she was told her hand would have to be amputated.

It's not known why her hand began to swell, but without the operation, she’d only have a five percent chance of survival.

The new mum just wanted to spend those precious first days with her baby boy, but instead she was undergoing a traumatic surgery.

For 17 agonising days, she stayed in hospital recovering, unable to see or hold her newborn son.

She sadly revealed; “I can’t bathe or breastfeed my baby"

“I missed the opportunity to see my son in the early days.”

Now that she's home with all her children, Carla notices all the heartbreaking differences between the things she could do with her older two children, and what she can do with her baby.

She added; “I can’t bathe my baby. I couldn’t breastfeed my baby. There are certain things I cannot do with him, which I had already done with my other two children.”

Carla’s family has filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

Source: Michael Djan