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I’m a Teacher- I’ve Been Slammed for Wearing Inappropriate Outfits at School but I Don’t Care About What Parents Think.

Sun, 30 Oct 2022 Source: Michael Djan

A teacher, often known as a school teacher or an educator, is a person who aids pupils in developing their knowledge, skills, or virtues.

It is the responsibility of a teacher to decide what practices to use in order to achieve a variety of goals with and for the students in their classes. It is the responsibility of a teacher to decide how to support students’ learning in the contexts in which they teach.

School children and their parents usually have to adhere to at least a minimal dress of code, a uniform, whether Public or Private School. On the hand, Teachers who teach at schools don’t have specific dress code, but they are required to dress up in a Professional Outfit when teaching.

Things have changed concerning dress code, nowadays younger and beautiful teachers are taking the space with their fashionable dress and this leaves some mothers uncomfortable on who teaches their children.

For instance, a teacher in South Africa known as Buhle Menziwa faced a wave of backlash on Social Media after people claimed she was dressing too skimpy for school.

And it seems she's not reigned in her outfits since then with recent Instagram pictures showing second-school teacher posing in tight-fitting jeans while in class.

In response, Menziwa said: "I know that everyone knows me; I’m all over social networks and on radio they are talking about me…I’m not teaching your kid. Do you have your kid in my school?

"You are forgetting one thing that I’m not teaching the kids of your age; I’m not teaching 25, 26 to 40-year-old learners. My kids are younger, they don’t have the perverted mind that you have, so stop."

She added; "I’m that teacher who comes to work dressed up and [the learners] always come and give me compliments. Some even tell me ‘Ma’am when I grow up I want to be like you.”

Some voiced out their opinions on Twitter by saying;

One Twitter user accused Menziwa of teaching "to show off" her body.

They wrote: I guess teachers these days in SA think they’re there to show off their bodies as opposed to actual teaching - don’t schools in South Africa have a respectable dress code for their educators to adhere to?"

Another one who could be a parent lamented: "You're making it hard for our kids to pass".

What’s your opinion about her outfit in class?

Source: Michael Djan