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Men Touch My Big Buttocks Whenever I Am Walking in Town to See If They’re Natural- Actress Mercy Little Reveals

Tue, 25 Oct 2022 Source: Michael Djan

Back in the days, there was this series shown on TV3 called “Efiewura”. This was so trendy and nobody ever wanted to miss this. There were a lot of celebrities in the series which we all loved. Little Mercy is one of them.

Actress Mercy Little revealed about how she is treated over physical attributes.

Ghanaian actress, Mercy Little Smith also known as “Efiewura” was on a radio interview recently on Accra FM with Nana Romeo, she declared that some people get astonished over her big a$$ and some men even touch her when she walks in town.

According to her, for those men who want to abuse her, she sometimes has to slap them.

According to the plus-sized actress, the reason why some men touch her huge ass is that they want to check if her ass is real.

When asked on the show about how others treat plus-sized women, the actress stressed that plus-sized women should know how to carry themselves.

Humanity will always have its ideals of beauty. This should in no way prevent you from liking yourself. You are stunning the way you are.

Never allow any negative vibe to carry along with you. You should always embrace your body just the way it is.

Source: Michael Djan