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Pregnant Russian Women Flying to Argentina for This Reason…

Sat, 11 Feb 2023 Source: Michael Djan

According to “BBC News” more than 5,000 pregnant Russian women have entered Argentina in recent months, officials say.

The latest arrivals were all in the final weeks of pregnancy, according to the national migration agency.

It is believed the women want to make sure their babies are born in Argentina to obtain Argentinian citizenship.

The Russian women had initially claimed they were visiting Argentina as tourists, she said.

"In these cases it was detected that they did not come here to engage in tourism activities. They acknowledged it themselves."

The national migration agency said the Russian women wanted their children to have Argentinian citizenship because it gave more freedom than a Russian passport.

Ms Carignano disclosed; "the problem is that they come to Argentina, sign up their children as Argentinean and leave. Our passport is very secure across the world. It allows [passport-holders] to enter 171 countries visa-free.”

Having an Argentine child also speeds up the citizenship process for parents. As it stands, Russians can travel visa-free to only 87 countries.

Source: Michael Djan