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Sarkodie Settles the Full Medical Bill of GH¢13,000 For Baby Rose at Ridge Hospital

Sun, 9 Jan 2022 Source: Michael Djan

Sarkodie is one of the artists in the country who has endured the trolls of Ghanaians for being stingy.

However, new developments coming out state that he discreetly settled the medical bills of a baby who was in dire need of funds to handle her surgery.

Baby Rose Detained

The name of the patient Sarkodie helped relief is called Rose. The full details of her condition are yet to be released. However, after her treatment at Ridge Hospital, her total cost amounted to GH¢13,000. Due to her parents not being able to pay off the amount owed, Baby Rose was thus detained awaiting payment.

Sarkodie Comes to the Rescue

The news got to Sarkodie about the plight of Baby Rose and her family. Metro TV, a renowned Television station in the country, thus announced that the entire bill of GH¢13,000 was settled by Sarkodie.

Ghanaians Hail Sarkodie and Now Understand Him Better

Over the years, Ghanaians have trolled Sarkodie to the fullest for not giving enough to his fans and the general public. However, the recent kind and generous gesture from Sarkodie fans and the general public are raining praises on the prolific artist.

Ghanaians are now understanding Sarkodie much better. From what has been observed, Sarkodie is not one to waste money on meaningless things or give money to the undeserving. This can be attributable to the fact that Sarkodie had to struggle his way out of poverty and thus deeper respect for money than other artists.

He, therefore, puts his money to good use either for investment purposes or to carry out philanthropic deeds.

By Exclusive_News_GH (Self-Media Writer)

Source: Michael Djan