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Scrap Teachers and Nursing Trainees Allowances Instead of Imposing E-Levy- Captain Smart

Tue, 11 Jan 2022 Source: Michael Djan

Yesterday morning on Onua Tv, Morning show host Captain Smart advised the Government to scrap teachers and nursing trainees’ allowances instead and cancel the E- levy.

According to Captain Smart, he will be blunt with Ghanaians that they have a difficult person as their leader. He continued that, any good leader will listen to his people and he doesn’t understand why this Government is trying to force something on its people despite the fact that they are making it clear they do not want it.

He also stated that he has advised this Government on several occasions to cut certain expenses. He made mention of the teachers and nurses trainee allowances which to him is not necessary anymore. If the Government had done all that, it wouldn’t need to force this e-levy on the people.

His added information reaching us is that, when the Parliament resume to discuss the approval of the e-levy, things will get extremely tough, some will have to walk out as scenes won’t be good.

By Trendy_News450 (Self-Media Writer)

Source: Michael Djan