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“Sika Duro' Is My Next Move by the end of 2022, I'm Desperate”-23-Year-Old Street Hawker Reveals

Thu, 27 Oct 2022 Source: Michael Djan

Since engaging in money rituals has become the quickest and most convenient method to get wealth for many youths, the street hawker Naa Ayele has also hinted that she has some intention of doing money rituals (sika duro) by the end of 2022.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, the 23-year-old confidently revealed that she has always loved to trade and became a trader after quitting school at age 13.

According to her, the effects of the economic crisis are tough on her. She courageously said; “I’ve decided to go into ‘sika duro’ because the economy is tough. Boss, people cannot even buy GHS3 belts these days. They need it but cannot pay for it. Some offer GHS2, but I bought it at GHS2.50p.

I used to sell 40 pieces a day, but these days I sell 10, 7, or even four a day. This business is viable because the kids would tear it up and get another. But parents don’t buy them anymore. They patch it up for them.”

When asked what business she would invest GHS5000 into, the mother of one noted that the economy has made it nearly impossible for any business to grow.

She added; “It would have been a big opportunity if the business is moving. So I will end up spending the capital. I haven’t eaten since morning, so I will buy puff puff and drink water till I get home for some Banku. I can’t spend GHS5 on rice because I won’t be satisfied.”

Due to economic crisis currently facing the country, Naa Ayele admitted that she is desperate and may go into money rituals in December, 2022.

The full interview can be watched on YouTube:

Source: Michael Djan