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The Man Mercilessly Disabled Me with His 'Dick' So I Decided to Pause 'Prostitution' - 19-Year-Old Lady Sadly Reveals

Wed, 26 Oct 2022 Source: Michael Djan

Prostitution is known in our society as one of the oldest profession in the world. Mostly, prostitutes are referred to as commercial sex workers.

Many women that are in the act are not happy with the profession. Some are forced into the act while others are engaged in it because of some unavoidable factors and circumstances such as poverty, victims of rape, peer pressure, lack of parental care, laziness and thirst of quick money.

If she has no job skills or ways to get money, she sells the only thing she has—her body—in order to survive.

In a live interview with SVTV Africa, a young woman who was identified as Esther shares how she ended up in 'prostitution' and how her 'first' man disabled her with his 'dick'.

Her face was covered for confidential purposes. According to Esther, she is 19 years old and she hails from Nsawam in the Eastern Region.

She says she came to Accra to become a 'prostitute' after the divorce of her parents because life became difficult for her. According to her, her 'first' man did not have mercy on her at all.

According to the 19-year-old lady, on the first day of 'prostitution', she decided to quit for a short time after a man 'took' her on the first night.

“The man mercilessly disabled me with his 'manhood' so I decided to pause 'sleeping' with men for a living”, she says. It has destroyed some part of my 'genitals' and so I am pausing. I have not fully quit because I do not have a proper job to do.

Esther ended the conversation by saying; “if I get someone to help me with money to learn a skill, I will quit.”

Source: Michael Djan