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UCC Student Portal: Sign in, Results Checking, Registration

Thu, 13 Jan 2022 Source: Michael Djan

This article explains how to use the UCC student portal features including sign in, checking results, registering and much more.

Admissions at higher education institutions have changed significantly, as a few years ago, there were long lines in different departments in colleges for people who wished to apply.

In order to simplify the admission process and reduce the long waiting lists in tertiary institutions, the University of Cape Coast developed a student portal that allows online access to all these services.

The first time an individual logs onto the UCC student portal, it may be difficult to navigate through the system, which is why we need to include a guide to explain everything that is available.

UCC Student Portal

With the help of the platform, learners can get fast and efficient services as well as check their results, make payments, and more.

Furthermore, there is a UCC distance education student portal for students outside the country who wish to apply to the university.

One must, however, be prepared to register for a UCC student portal account first before they can access the services.

Here are just a few of the key features of this platform:

Course Registration

Fees payment

Exam results

Admission online application

Application status

Acceptance fees payment



Academic calendar

Extra credit Hours

Deferment of admission

UCC’s Student Portal can be accessed via a computer or mobile device by using the following link:

The Process of Logging In

Those who are interested in using the above service should first register on the school’s website to take advantage of the service.

It is a requirement for all students to register for an account in order to view the courses offered and see the student results.

Once you register, you will be able to log in to the UCC student portal easily since you will be easily identified with your name.

The Following Instructions Will Guide You On How to Log into Your Account:

Visit the official school website

Click on “Web Services”

Click on the “Students Portal” option. This will lead you to the official login page.

Enter your registration number and password

Click on the “Login” button and you are good to go.

How to Activate Your Online Account

In the case of those who have just been accepted to UCC and are going to be using this portal for the first time, it is mandatory that you activate your account.

The school will send you a document detailing how to activate your account once you confirm your admission.

The process includes:

Select a browser or type the school’s web address in the address bar of the browser.

Select activate online account on the “Get Started” page.

Enter your username (your ID number for learners, e.g. 20010101, password, and other required fields.

Click on “I agree” to activate your account.

Once your learner’s account is activated, you can always use the portal login to access information. All you need is your student number and password.

UCC student portal results

One of the services you are guaranteed to get when you visit the portal is to check your examination results.

Students should also keep in mind that semester results will always be posted on the portal, as well as cut-off points.

To access them:

Go to the school’s student portal

You can log in by entering your student login information

Go to the results section and navigate to find the semester that you need. The results will be displayed for you to view.

If you cannot access your results on the student portal, then you need to contact the necessary authorities.

In addition to providing results, the portal guide also offers information about hostels, distance learning materials, and fees.

By Eugene

Source: Michael Djan