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Why I Sent All My Salary to My Boyfriend After I Travelled to Saudi Arabia-Lady Narrates Her Sad Story

Tue, 1 Nov 2022 Source: Michael Djan

A lady named Charity explained why she sent all her salary to her boyfriend after she travelled to Saudi Arabia four years ago.

The lady said she met her boyfriend, Nana Kofi, when she was a student. They were close friends, but she agreed to start a relationship with him after they completed school. The man wasn't working, but she agreed to date him due to the love she has for him.

The lady revealed that Nana Kofi was the one who broke her virginity and he is very good in bed so she worked hard and provide everything he needed in order to make him happy. Her parents advised her to end the relationship with the man because he would not help her in the future, but she didn't listen to them.

Charity went on saying that she made preparations and travelled to Saudi Arabia in search of greener pastures.

When she got to her destination and started working, she sent all her salary to this man, and did not use some of the money to feed herself because she thought they will get married when she returns to Ghana.

Charity claims she received information months later that her boyfriend was spending the money she had sent to him on another woman and has helped that woman to travel to Lebanon. She didn't believe it so she contacted him about this accusation, to her surprise Nana Kofi lied that it is not true.

She returned to Ghana hoping to meet her boyfriend after three years of staying away from him, but he too was not in Ghana, he went to Dubai few weeks before she arrived. When she went back Saudi Arabia, the man gave her a condition that, either she will travel back to Ghana for them to get married or they will end their relationship.

Charity said she begged her boyfriend to be patient, but he didn't listen to her. She tried to call him again but his new girlfriend picked up the call and warned her never to speak to the man again.

She cried all day, but Nana Kofi later lied that it is not true. Since that day, she lost trust in her boyfriend and asks him to pay for the Ghc10,000 she sent to him. Although he promised to repay it to her within short period of time but she did not hear from him for several months.

When she returned to Ghana too, she was unable to locate where he is currently staying. The lady said she is not interested being with Nana Kofi but she wants him to pay for all the money she sent to him.

By Ccobbina (self-media writer)

Source: Michael Djan