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"You're A Liar; You Slept with Me & Promised to Perform My Marriage Rite" - Ghanaian Lady Laments

Thu, 27 Oct 2022 Source: Michael Djan

A young Ghanaian lady probably between the ages of 20 and 30 years old has been recorded on camera explaining how a man deceived her and slept with her on “Nhyira FM”.

Speaking in the video, the lady said that the man proposed to her and promise her that he will perform her marriage rite. As a result of this promise, she allowed the man to sleep with her on the first day that she went to the man's house. However, after sleeping with her, the man has refused to honor his end of the bargain by performing her marriage rite.

The lady added that her sister is her witness when the man was making this promise to her. The presenter of the show asked the guy to explain his side of the story. The man said that it is true that he has slept with the lady but he never promises to marry her.

According to him, the lady's sister was her friend so they visited him one day at his house. Even before they visited him, he told them that he doesn't like it when ladies visit him in his house.

However, they insisted on visiting him. So when they came, he made them sit on his bed since he doesn't have a chair in his room. After a few minutes of conversation, this lady's sister went outside. The lady then started romancing him by putting her head on his chest.

According to him, he told the lady that where she has put her head is where his feeling is and that she should stop.

But the lady didn't stop as he also succumbs to her seduction. Now, she is forcing him to marry but he is not ready to get married. The lady replied to the guy saying, "You are a big liar, you promise to marry before we slept together. You told me that you will go and see my parents and perform the marriage right but after sleeping with me, you are trying to be smart. God will punish you".

By AmuasiNews89 (self-media writer)

Source: Michael Djan