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Your Rights to Know When Police Stop You for Car Search – Security Expert Advises Car Owners

Fri, 20 Jan 2023 Source: Michael Djan

Police are trained to believe in their authority and trained to perform their interactions with citizens with confidence and strength.

Most people, when confronted by police, experience a nervous discomfort, become anxious, and act in an overly compliant manner because they (rightfully) fear the possible consequences of displeasing the officer.

Most of us only encounter these situations during the routine traffic checks. You are pulled over for a real (or perceived) vehicle violation and, after checking your driver's license and registration, the officer asks if you have any weapons or illegal drugs in the car. When you say "no," the police officer asks (in the strongest language he can without demanding) to check that for himself.

This resulted from a leaked audio by a supposed driver who alleged that an officer had planted illicit drugs in his car in an attempt to extort GHC20,00 from him.

Later, Police’s investigation revealed that the said incident was a fabricated story.

However, Mr. Adib who is a Security Analyst highlighted a few tips that drivers can employ during police checks at traffic stops to ensure that they do not fall victim to this practice in an interview on the "AM Show" that by locking all doors and leaving only the area under search open.

Additionally, the Security Expert also urged drivers to be vigilant during the process and ensure that the probe is being conducted by one officer at a time.

Source: Michael Djan