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Highlife musician Paa Kwasi calls for support

Sat, 1 Jul 2023 Source:

In a recent interview, High Life musician Paa Kwasi opened up about his desire for people to accept him as a solo artist and to shift their attention toward his current musical endeavors. The artist, formerly known as a member of the popular group Dobble, expressed his frustration at constantly being asked about a potential reunion and emphasized the importance of focusing on his personal growth.

With seven years having passed since the disbandment of Dobble, Paa Kwasi finds himself consistently fielding questions about a potential reunion. "It's been 7 years since the group disbanded, and at any given opportunity, people will ask you whether you are going to come back or anything like that," he explained. The musician made it clear that he wants to move forward and concentrate on his journey.

Paa Kwasi urged the public to shift their attention to his music and his growth as a solo artist. He shared, "I think people have to focus on me and my music rather than keep asking whether I'm going to reunite with Dobble or not." He expressed his eagerness to explore new projects and strengthen the brand of Paa Kwasi. The artist is determined to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Reflecting on his past experiences with group dynamics, Paa Kwasi emphasized his commitment to personal progress. "I have been doing this group thing for so many years, and it's failed miserably, so right now my focus is on my progress. I am doing it for myself," he stated. The artist's dedication to pushing his solo career stems from his desire to express his creativity and share his music with the world.

Paa Kwasi highlighted the importance of support from his fans and the wider audience. He urged his followers to rally behind his music and embrace the journey he has embarked upon. "I am pushing my music, and I have so many songs out there that people need to hear, so that's my focus," he declared. The artist's focus on delivering his music to the masses reflects his passion and determination to make a lasting impact.