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Shatta Wale Slams Sarkodie Amid Yvonne Nelson's Revelations

Sat, 1 Jul 2023 Source:

The Ghanaian entertainment industry has been buzzing with the recent revelations made by actress Yvonne Nelson in her memoir titled "I am not Yvonne Nelson." In her book, Nelson detailed her past relationship with popular Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, shedding light on a tumultuous period in their lives. While the revelations have caused quite a stir, it seems like Shatta Wale, the controversial dancehall artist, has found a unique way to poke fun at his fellow rapper.

Yvonne Nelson disclosed in her memoir that back in 2010, she was romantically involved with Sarkodie, and during the course of their relationship, she became pregnant. Shockingly, according to Nelson's account, Sarkodie had asked her to terminate the pregnancy, claiming he was not ready to become a father. This revelation has captivated the attention of fans and media alike, leading to intense discussions and debates.

In the midst of this controversy, Shatta Wale, known for his unabashed and attention-grabbing antics, decided to add fuel to the fire while celebrating his daughter's 13th birthday. Taking to social media, Shatta Wale posted a message that subtly referenced Yvonne Nelson's revelations and indirectly targeted Sarkodie.

"I remember when your mother said she was pregnant," Shatta Wale wrote in his post, followed by a laughing emoji and a prayer hands emoji. He further elaborated, "I was damn broke, but something in me said, 'Tell her to keep it.' I told her, and she did." Shatta Wale's words clearly alluded to the situation described by Yvonne Nelson, insinuating that he would have handled the situation differently if he were in Sarkodie's position.

However, Shatta Wale's post quickly took a positive turn, as he expressed gratitude towards his daughter's mother and emphasized their evolving relationship. He wrote, "Until today, I owe your mum, and God will make me pay her back even though we went through stress to get here. Now she is like a bestie to me. She calls me king, she calls me Daddy." Shatta Wale went on to mention that despite their inability to be together romantically, they have found a way to co-parent and ensure their daughter's happiness.

The dancehall artist concluded the post with a heartwarming message to his daughter, promising her a special gift when she turns 16 and declaring his love for her. Shatta Wale's post not only celebrated his daughter's birthday but also subtly addressed the controversy surrounding Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson, presenting himself as a more supportive and responsible figure in a similar situation.

As expected, Shatta Wale's post sparked mixed reactions from fans and followers. Some praised his maturity and ability to navigate challenging circumstances, while others saw it as an opportunity to further criticize Sarkodie for his alleged actions. The incident has fueled ongoing discussions about relationships, responsibility, and the dynamics of fame within the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

While Yvonne Nelson's revelations continue to make waves and divide public opinion, it seems that Shatta Wale has managed to insert himself into the narrative, using his daughter's birthday celebration as an avenue to subtly poke fun at Sarkodie. As the Ghanaian entertainment scene brims with speculation and commentary, only time will tell how this latest development will impact the relationships between these prominent figures and the industry as a whole.

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I Remember when your mother said she was pregnant 😂🙏

I was Damn broke ✌️

But something in me said “Tell her to keep it”

I told her and she did

Untill today I owe your mum and God will make me pay her back even though we went thru stress to get here

Now she is like a bestie to me 🎉✌️😂

She calls me king 👑

She call me Daddy

I have forgiven her and she has done same too

Even tho we can’t be together we have found a way to make you a happy child.

Say thank you mummy everyday because you have a very sweet mum ,caring and respectful…

Just wait for your special gift when you are 16yrs

I love you cherissa NHYIRA Wale ❤️🥂