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Unmasking the Damaging Effects of Unnecessary Criticism in Ghana's Entertainment Industry

Sun, 9 Jul 2023 Source:

In Ghana's entertainment industry, there exists a group of individuals who consider themselves gatekeepers. However, instead of offering meaningful solutions, they engage in unnecessary criticism and destructive behavior. These self-proclaimed experts are quick to point out flaws in the hard work of others while failing to contribute anything substantial themselves. Their actions not only hinder the progress of the industry but also create an atmosphere of blame-shifting and self-centeredness. In this article, we shed light on the consequences of such behavior and emphasize the need for unity and collaboration to build a stronger industry.

These so-called gatekeepers in Ghana's entertainment industry often find themselves on national television and radio, using their platform to engage in unwarranted damage control. Rather than providing constructive feedback or offering viable solutions, they resort to baseless criticism. This not only undermines the efforts of hardworking individuals in the industry but also reflects a lack of genuine concern for its growth and development.

One of the most frustrating aspects of these gatekeepers' behavior is their tendency to shift blame onto the musicians themselves. They consistently criticize the sound of Ghanaian music, unfairly placing the blame on the musicians rather than addressing the role of sound engineers and record producers. By doing so, they not only deflect responsibility but also hinder the advancement of the industry as a whole. It is essential for these industry professionals to defend themselves and work collaboratively to uplift the quality of music production in Ghana.

Despite their prolonged presence in the industry, these gatekeepers fail to offer anything substantial. Their self-centered motives and desire for personal gain prevent them from making meaningful contributions. This detrimental behavior not only stifles innovation and growth but also hampers the progress of the industry. It is high time for these individuals to put aside their selfishness and work towards the collective betterment of the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

While neighboring countries continue to make strides in their entertainment sectors, Ghana finds itself embroiled in internal conflicts. This disunity prevents the industry from realizing its true potential and allows others to claim what rightfully belongs to Ghana. The blame falls not only on the gatekeepers but also on those who identify themselves as industry players without possessing the necessary knowledge and understanding. It is crucial for all stakeholders to come together, set aside personal agendas, and collaborate towards the construction of a stronger and more vibrant entertainment industry.

The harmful effects of unnecessary criticism and blame-shifting in Ghana's entertainment industry cannot be ignored. It is time for the gatekeepers to redirect their efforts towards offering constructive solutions and supporting the hard work of others. By working collaboratively and promoting unity, the Ghanaian entertainment industry can reclaim its rightful place among its regional counterparts. It is only through collective action and a genuine commitment to progress that the industry can thrive and overcome the challenges it faces.