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Blogging Is A Quick Way To Make Money – Blogger Jibriel Suliah

Fri, 30 Sep 2022 Source: Jibriel Suliah

Blogger, Content Creator and Editor of Entertainment Blog GhKasa.com, Jibriel Suliah has indicated Blogging is a lucrative venture for individuals to take advantage of and make great impact.

Mr. Jibriel Suliah was for the second time in a row recognized for his splendour and named among the 2022 Top 50 Bloggers in Ghana.

In a widely patronized event organized by Avance Media, one of Ghana’s leading Public Relations agencies, the blogger and freelance journalist, was named among some forty-nine others for his impressive contribution to the profession.

Avance Media’s 2022 Ghana Bloggers Summit was hosted on Saturday 24th September 2022 at the AMA Conference Hall in Accra.

The Summit was hosted on the theme: The Future of New Media with a host of speakers and panelists that included Jibriel Suliah.

Speaking at the event, Jibriel Suliah noted that blogging was a lucrative avenue to venture into, if harnessed well could bring one many results.

“Blogging is one of the quickest way of making money. It’s now a profession that will make great impact in the future. In Ghana, some people who started operating Blogs alone have now employed writers where they moved from just writing to creating great content. Writers are making good money, online consumers are also enjoying some good quality content.” he stated.

Jibriel Suliah is the only blogger from the Northern part of Ghana to have been listed twice in a row on Avance’s list of Top 50 Bloggers in Ghana.

His blog, GHKasa and YouTube Channel ‘Y3 Kasa TV’ have been running for the past six (6) years. According to Jibriel, the recognition is an inspirational springboard for him to inject more effort and launch to higher heights.

Source: Jibriel Suliah